Our Partners:

Green Label is our Cannabis grow and production partner:

GreenLabel is one of Southern California's leading Cannabis growers, cultivating organic cannabis flower.

Green Label RX

Off the Charts is our dispensary partner.

Off The Charts is a Multi-State Cannabis Retailer that offers the largest variety of premium cannabis products and the most affordable prices in the industry.

Cadre's strategic partnership with Off the Charts centers around a 3,400SF co-branded dispensary in South LA, "Off the Charts Powered By Cadre."

Additionally, Cadre has preferred shelf space at all Off the Charts locations, putting Cadre in the highest-performing stores in multiple regions of the state on day one.

Off The Charts

Ether Collective is our Cannabis sales and marketing partner:

Ether Collective is the first and only female-employee-owned and operated Sales Agency in the cannabis space.

Cadre and Ether Collective's partnership allows mindful personalized sell-through strategies for our retail partners to ensure the product is efficiently sold.

More about Ether Collective:

Sales Agency:
Ether Collective's sales agency team ensures the highest quality and customer service in the cannabis space. They take pride in connecting the top and fastest-growing cannabis companies to 700+ retail partners across California.

Business Development:
With over 15 years of experience, they have a strong pulse on which cannabis products sell, how to sell, and where to sell. Whether identifying products and new clients, providing insight on branding and packaging, or helping to develop impactful
messaging, they can co-create a custom plan to bring your brand to life

Distribution Management:
The communication streams associated with product delivery can be time-consuming and stressful. Ether Collective knows the efficiencies and processes to get products to stores seamlessly through our distribution partnerships with Humble + Fume and Crown OG.

Ether Collective

Rothbright Inc. is our Technology partner.

Rothbright Inc. is an American digital services company that provides digital experience, data and analytics, and marketing and sales services and solutions for diverse industries. Rothbright’s proven digital performance system helps organizations grow confidently.

Rothbright’s Value:
Performance is a core ideal at Rothbright and is a critical factor in our thriving community of clients, partners, and staff.

For any and everything tech-related, Rothbright has a solution.