CADRE Dispensary

Off The Charts Powered by CADRE

Off The Charts is a Multi-State Cannabis Retailer that offers the largest variety of premium cannabis products and the most affordable prices in the industry.

Cadre has a strategic partnership with Off the Charts that centers around a 3,500 sqft co-branded dispensary in South LA, “Off the Charts Powered By CADRE.”

Additionally, CADRE has preferred shelf space at all (7) Off the Charts locations, putting CADRE in the highest-performing stores in multiple regions of the state on day one.
Off the Charts Powered By CADRE

Address: 615 East 61st Los Angeles, CA 90019

More about Off the Charts:

Product Quality
At Off The Charts, our primary focus is providing customers with the best quality cannabis products. Our goal is to help our customers and patients achieve optimal health and happiness as efficiently as possible.

Service Quality
Our dispensaries have expert staff to help you with your cannabis needs and questions. You can rely on their knowledge and dedication to ensure a positive and informed experience.

At Off The Charts, we are constantly searching for individuals passionate about the cannabis industry and providing excellent customer service to join our team. If you are interested in exploring job opportunities with us, please continue to scroll down to see what positions are currently available.

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