Cannabis Cafe’s Bill Moving On To The Senate For Vote


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June 13, 2023

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The past Wednesday, June 2nd, the California assembly voted on passing a bill to allow Cannabis Cafe’s to exist.

The assembly voted 64-9 in favor of the bill to pass in the state of California.

So what does this exactly mean? Glad you asked.

This means dispensaries can offer non-cannabis food and drinks at their location if they receive local approval. This is a big step in the right direction so consumers can have a unique experience while at the dispensary.

With much of the cannabis industry adjusting to no longer being an “essential business” since covid restrictions have been lifted and the world is getting back to pre-pandemic life, this bill gives dispensaries the chance to create another revenue stream.

Assembly member Matt Haney (D) provided more color on why the bill is so important.

“The legal cannabis industry is struggling, facing issues like over-saturation, high taxes and a thriving black market, that are hurting cannabis businesses who follow the rules and pay taxes.”

“AB 374 allows local governments to authorize the preparation and sale of non-cannabis foods and soft drinks at licensed cannabis consumption lounges,” he said. “To be clear this does not allow coffee shops to sell cannabis. It allows cannabis shops to sell coffee with pre-approval from local governments.”

“It shouldn’t be illegal for an existing cannabis business to move away from only selling marijuana and instead have the opportunity to grow, thrive and create jobs by offering coffee or live jazz, “live musical or other performances on the premises of a retailer or micro-business licensed under this division in the area where the consumption of cannabis is allowed, and the sale of tickets for those performances.”

“Ironically, how the law is written now, we require cannabis shops to only sell drugs,” Haney said. “We believe that if these businesses want to move away from that model and sell muffins and coffee, they should be able to do that. This will support our small businesses, with local government autonomy.”

Here at CADRE we are excited to hear the news, this provides our guests the opportunity to have an unique experience with our dispensary in the near future.

The bill is now moving on to the Senate, let’s hope they see the light like the assembly.

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