Cadre Launches With Social Equity Mission


Date Posted:

June 13, 2023

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CADRE is a social equity cannabis and lifestyle brand that focuses on delivering high-quality products while creating job and ownership opportunities for black and brown people affected by the war on drugs.

In pursuit of our mission to economically empower marginalized communities through ownership and employment opportunities within the commercial cannabis industry, we recognize the transformative power of culture and creative expression.

Our vision extends beyond the boundaries of the industry itself as we seek to intersect music, fashion, and storytelling with our mission. By embracing the vibrancy and diversity of these artistic realms, we aim to create a holistic experience that resonates with individuals from all walks of life.

Through curated events, collaborations with musicians and artists, and integrating fashion and storytelling into our brand, we aspire to cultivate a community that celebrates self-expression, inclusivity, and social change.

Combining the power of cannabis with the universal language of music, the freedom of fashion, and the captivating narratives of storytelling, we are forging a path toward economic empowerment and cultural enrichment for the marginalized individuals we serve.

Together, we will create a harmonious symphony of change where the voices of the marginalized will be heard, the threads of fashion will weave stories of resilience, and the vibrant beats of music will transcend barriers, uniting us all in a collective pursuit of a brighter future.

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